Chandu is a male and German Shepherd by breed. Got from Commando Kennels at 6 weeks of his age in the first week of Nov 2006
He was born on 22nd Sept 2006. He was sent for boarding school training in Mar 2007 and was brought back in May 2007.
His doctors are Dr. Lakshmi Ramana, Dr. Praveen and Dr. Muthu Paliniappan who have taken care at differnt stages of his life
Chandu was a very active, protective pet of Manthas and Loved by one and all guests who encountered it
He left us on 24 Dec 2016 after brief illness putting us in deep grief
There can be several pets with different qualities. But for us, Chandu is too unique to compare anything with.
Instead of mourning your demise, chandu, we will cherish sweet memories that you left
You will remain in our hearts for ever. We will never forget you, chandu.

Album of Chandu As puppy
Sr.No.File Date captionAgeImage ThumbNailClick To Open the Link
1 15-Nov-2006Am I old enough to guard the house?0 Yr, 1 Mn, 23 DyHome: Threshold
2 15-Nov-2006What is so interesting0 Yr, 1 Mn, 23 DyHome Threshold
3 15-Nov-2006So sweet !! 0 Yr, 1 Mn, 23 Dy Home: Threshold
4 06-Dec-2006What alerted you?0 Yr, 2 Mn, 16 DyHome: Terrace
5 06-Dec-2006Pinky0 Yr, 2 Mn, 16 DyHome: Terrace
6 06-Dec-2006Tired?0 Yr, 2 Mn, 16 DyHome: Terrace
7 01-Jan-2007Itching teeth? 0 Yr, 3 Mn, 11 Dy Home: Terrace
8 14-Jan-2007 0 Yr, 3 Mn, 24 DyHome: Terrace
9 08-Feb-2007Chandu in playful mood0 Yr, 4 Mn, 19 DyHome: Terrace
10 08-Feb-2007 0 Yr, 4 Mn, 19 DyHome: Terrace
11 08-Feb-2007Already adult look?0 Yr, 4 Mn, 19 DyHome: Terrace